DRY Sparkling Ginger Moscow Mule {Video}

DRY Sparkling has been a Seattle staple for years! With so many fun flavors, you don't even need to add alcohol to create a delicious, sophisticated "cocktail", but lets be honest, it's better when you do.

My friends over at DRY shared their Moscow Mule recipe including their Ginger soda flavor. It has all the flavor of a Moscow Mule, but so much less sugar! I also tried it using their Cucumber soda, and it was so fresh and perfect for a summer afternoon.

I created a fun little video showing you how I made the drink. You can also find the recipe below. Cheers!

Mix 1/2 oz fresh lime juice with 1 1/2 oz. vodka
(I just used a whole smaller lime, and I prefer Tito's vodka)
Add ice (small cubes preferred) to the top of the glass
Fill up the rest with Ginger Dry Sparkling Soda (and/or Cucumber soda)
Give it a stir, and enjoy!