Vegas For The Weekend

Vegas Packing List

I'm sure everyone (who doesn't live here, as well as who does) is sick of hearing about the weather in Seattle lately. But you guys, it's been crazy. We haven't had rain like this, well ever, I don't think. 

My friend Lauren and I had had enough, so two months ago (yeah, we were even sick of it then, and it just kept going), we decided to book a trip to anywhere with sunshine and a pool. Believe it or not, she'd never been to Vegas, so I said, "let's go!" On one condition: all we do is eat good food, drink piña coladas by the pool, and maybe get a sunburn. Well, check, check, and check. I guess that's three conditions...

SLS Las Vegas Pool

We stayed at the SLS, which is a newer hotel at the far end of the strip. This isn't the hotel for you if you want to be in the middle of the action. It's an easy cab/uber ride to the middle of the strip, but you're definitely removed from it. They do have great food, a casino, and a great pool for piña coladas and sunshine. 

Nobu opened in Caesar's Palace not too long ago, so we had to go there. No matter what sushi restaurant I'm at, if crispy rice is on the menu, I have to order it, and they do their own thing with it, and it's amazing.
TIP: the next time you go to Caesar's Palace, leave breadcrumbs so you can get out. We walked around for 20 minutes before we pulled out the map on our phones AND a compass to find our way out, and we still ended up walking in a circle..

If you're doing Vegas like us and skipping the clubs this time around, the Chandelier Bar at the Cosmo is a fun place to hang and have some cocktails. It's fun to sit in one of the big booths and either take it over with everyone you're with, or if it's just a couple of you, it's a great opportunity to meet some other (fun) people.

 Image borrowed from  here  

Image borrowed from here 

Our last night we opted to keep things casual before seeing Cirque du Soleil's Zumanity, and we couldn't leave Vegas without stopping by Taco Bell Cantina. If you've never seen a Cirque du Soleil show, I would start with one of the classics like O or Mystere, where the production is incredible, and the physical abilities of the performers are jaw-dropping. That's not to say Zumanity wasn't fantastic. It's so much fun, and a great show if you like to be up front and interact with the characters. And of course the sexy element makes it fun for a date night or girls night out.

Vegas girls night out

What I Wore:

If you're looking for a vacation that isn't centered around partying, Vegas usually doesn't come to mind. But there really is so much to do and something for everyone no matter what kind of trip you want to have. Until next time, Vegas! Thanks for the sunburn.