10 Packing Tips


If you've been following along on my Instagram, then you know that my family and I are in Capri, Italy. We're here celebrating my brother's college graduation, and just by lucky happenstance, I turn 30 toward the end of the trip as well. We got here two days ago, and we'll go from here to Positano for another 7 nights on Saturday.

This trip seemed particularly easy to pack for. Maybe because I was so ready to start wearing warmer weather clothes, or because I was excited to wear some new things I picked up before I left town. I'll be doing a post on everything I brought with me, but I thought I'd share some packing tips for now, to maybe make your next trip a little easier.

1. Pack clothes you can mix and match for both day/night. (Tees for day, blouses for night with same pants, for ex).
2. You probably only need one nice dress to wear.
3. You don't need more than 3 pairs of shoes. (I know, it sounds crazy). Sandals, walking shoes, dinner shoes. (Do not ask me how many shoes I actually brought on this trip).
4. Double bag your liquids.
5. For long flights bring makeup wipes, facial spray, and tinted moisturizer to freshen up.
6. Ask for a sample of your favorite perfume so you don't have to carry the whole bottle with you.
7. Keep phone/computer chargers in your carry-on.
8. You probably only need one jacket - two max if you want a different one at night.
9. If you bring a hat, carry it on, or pack it flat and surround it/stuff it with socks and underwear.
10. If you want to switch up your purse at night, bring flat clutches that are easy to throw on top of your bag.

Happy Travels!