8 Winter Beauty Products

I tend to have pretty oily skin, but even I find myself needing a little extra blast of hydration in the winter time. I am becoming quite the beauty product junkie. I love to collect and try new things, but my skin isn't a huge fan of the rotating product door. For awhile at the end of summer I was using something different on my face every day. And then I wondered why I started to break out more and more... My skin is much happier if I stick to the same few products for a period of time. 

So I did a little experimenting and found which ones are working best for me right now. 

Possibly the hardest thing to give up was my makeup wipes. They're so convenient! I switched from the Neutrogena ones to the Simple ones, and I think even those were making me break out. I struggled because just washing my face doesn't seem to get all my foundation, etc. off, so I wanted to find something that could do the initial work before I get the rest of my makeup off with face wash.


Julep Beauty Love Your Bare Face Cleansing Oil - I was afraid of face oils because of my naturally oily skin, but using only drying products will make your skin overcompensate and produce even more oil. And now I'm in love. 


Indie Lee Brightening Cleanser - Was recently introduced to Indie Lee and I'm hooked. All natural, basic cleanser that really feels like it gets in there and gets the dirt out and the makeup off.


Herbivore Botanicals Lapis Facial OilI have never not loved one of their products. This facial oil is great for everyone, but especially people with blemish-prone skin who might need some re-balancing.


Herbivore Botanicals Blue Tansy Resurfacing MaskI usually use this in conjunction with the lapis facial oil, but they also recommend their rose hydrating face mist. It's just a great revitalizing, hydrating mask to end the day with.

herbivore botanicals lapis and blue tansy


Dr. Jart Hydro GelI wanted a refreshing, hydrating moisturizer to use at night and I was pointed straight to Dr. Jart. It has a different, cool gel texture, and I love the way it makes my skin feel, and that I wake up feeling hydrated.


Lancome SPF 50 Face Sunscreen - SPF SPF SPF. It's been drilled into me, and I can't say it enough. ESPECIALLY ON YOUR FACE. I love the feel of this under my makeup. It almost feels like a primer with a matte finish.


Rodan and Fields Eye Cream - I got on the RF bandwagon a couple years ago and I love it. I'm using other things on my face right now, (still think it's great, just get excited about new products), but I have clung to this eye cream. Works wonders on puffiness and dark circles.


Indie Lee Blemish LotionI'm going to be completely honest: toothpaste was my favorite thing for spot treatment. Until now. Just dab a Q-tip in there before you go to bed and blemishes will be dried up in the morning!