Time Off

I took some time off. I didn't plan to, but sometimes it happens. I thought about just posting a blog with a month between this and the last one, not drawing attention to it, but I am striving to be as transparent as possible me in all aspects of my life. This is a small step in that direction. 

Inspiration is a funny thing. They say (and I have said before) that if you wait for inspiration, you'll never get anything done. While I mostly agree with that sentiment and believe it to be true (case in point my lack of blogging over the last month), it doesn't make it easier to do something if you're uninspired to do so. I'm not an artist in the sense that I get completely lost in what I'm creating, but I am a creative person, which makes me a somewhat sensitive person. Sensitive to what? My life's question. But I took a breather, hit the reset button, and I'm back with some really exciting stuff coming up.