Actively Traveling

I recently stayed at the Palladian Hotel in downtown Seattle. As part of the Kimpton family, it is neither short on character nor beauty. The lobby is dark, but perfectly lit in all the right corners, and is home to Pennyroyal; an old-timey European feeling speakeasy. Perfect for a pre-dinner happy hour, or late evening night cap. 

The rooms are carefully detailed, yet charmingly simplistic. Bonus: you can choose from any number of celebrities to be waiting for you on your pillow when you arrive. (Hello Tom Selleck...or Brad Pitt...or Robert Downey Jr...I digress). And don't even get me started on the claw foot tub.

Whether staycationing or vacationing, from now on, I will always be on the lookout for a Kimpton hotel. They're too fun not to.
(Pro-tip: make sure you have breakfast at Shaker and Spear, and order the asparagus frittata. It's description on the menu is unassuming, but it is a delightful surprise).

During my stay, I partnered with Brooks Running to prove to myself, and everyone else, that you don't have to give up your workout just because you're away from home. AND that workout clothes are for more than just getting your sweat on. 

There are so many reasons we decide to forego our workout when traveling. One of them being we don't want to take up extra space with workout clothes, or we don't know what the hotel gym is going to be like, or if we're traveling during the colder months, running outside gets dicey because of the weather.

At this point, none of us are strangers to "athleisure". Planning to work out/run or not, I always at least pack a pair of leggings and tennis shoes anyway, so why not use them for what they're actually meant for? Keeping up with your workout isn't just about maintaining your weight, or feeling less guilty about the pastries you'll inevitably have at breakfast (although that is a bonus). Working out is about continuing to feel good, and having the energy for whatever you may find yourself participating in.


If you're worried about the elements, that's no longer an excuse. Brooks has literally everything you need to stay warm and dry, whether you're running outside, or hitting the streets for a day of shopping and sightseeing. If you're traveling to or live in the Pacific Northwest, weather can't be the reason you're not staying active; you won't workout from October to May. 

A couple of my favorites for staying dry are The Seattle Tight (which was obviously made for us up here in the upper left corner, and certainly does the trick). And I could write an entire post just on Brooks running shoes and the difference they've made in my running/a small knee problem I sometimes have, but for now I will just say the Ghost 9 GTX shoes are beyond comfortable and will keep your feet dry!

If staying warm is your goal, my go-to's this winter will be the Threshold Tight and Threshold Long Sleeve. The long sleeve is such a good layering piece for every day, and I'll even be adding both of them to my ski bag this winter.

If you keep up with your workout regimen when you're away, it won't be so difficult to adjust again once you get home. Safe travels and happy running!

See my guest blog post on the Brooks blog HERE

To Keep You Dry: Outfit 1
The Seattle Tight // Cascadia Shell // Ghost 9 GTX Running Shoe
Frontrunner Racer (not pictured) // Dash Half-Zip // Run-Thru Hat

To Keep You Warm: Outfit 2
Threshold Tight // Threshold Long Sleeve // LSD Thermal Jacket // Launch 4 Shoe (available January 1st - Launch 3 are one of my favorite pairs).
Extras: Anyday Bra (not pictured) // Greenlight Headband // Pickup Tank // Greenlight Gloves (not pictured)

Thanks to Brooks Running for partnering on this post!

Photos by Alyssa Wilcox