Take It With You When You Go

I'm about to move for the 10th time in 10 years. I never think of myself as one of "those" people (I have no idea what that means), but as we've learned in the past, I like change, and whenever a lease is up, I don't see a reason to stay where I am. And I'm usually (always) excited for a change of scenery. This time just another neighborhood will suffice; not making any cross country moves at the moment.

Moving is a chance to start over. Maybe I like to constantly re-invent myself. Inevitably I get rid of a lot of stuff when I move. As I get older, I realize more and more what is actually important to me and needs to be carried forward, and what can be given away for someone else to make their own. As painful as it will be, I'll be getting rid of A LOT of shoes this time around. 

The one thing I make sure to take with me is me. Sounds simple enough. But I take a moment, or a few moments, or a few days, and I consciously remember my state of mind when I moved in to the place I'm leaving. I remember the year I spent there, review what happened, and see how I've grown. After all, we're all products of where we've been and we take a little bit of all of them with us when we go.


This outfit sums up pretty much everything I could ever want in my clothing. It's simple, subtle, versatile, and COMFORTABLE. And that's really all a girl can ask for.

Treasure & Bond Scoop Neck Tee (ON SALE: $25) // Topshop Wrap Front Jogger Pants ($58) // Street Level Vegan Leather Tote ($48) // Hinge Peep-Toe Leather Sandal ($90) 

Photos by Michelle Dorman