On The Same Page

I've talked before about being yourself, but first having to figure out who that is in order to successfully be that person. Part of that, for me, has been realizing that I don't have to choose between two seemingly opposite things. I've always been a very black and white person. There isn't really a "happy medium" for me. I either want the secluded cabin in the woods, or I want the apartment at the top of a high rise. I blame the Gemini, and I've embraced the Gemini. 

It's so great when I find brands like Indy Brand Clothing that help me successfully execute being this person who wants to have it all. They understand and share a love of the earth, and the great outdoors, and they know you want to look good, while still wearing something of quality. We're just on the same page. 


Hair/Makeup by Sorrida Salon
Photos by Alyssa Wilcox

Indy Brand Clothing 'Zep' Tee {$32} // Joe's Jeans (similar pair here) {$185}