I'm not a runner. In high school, Wednesdays were the days we ran a mile around the football field, and I was pretty sure this was the worst thing that could possibly happen to me. Until about 3 years ago I wasn't really into much physical activity at all, to be honest. I was lucky enough to be born with good genes, but those really only carried me through high school. Only really special people can withstand the effects of Busch Light and the $5 pizza we all discover in college. But working out was just never something that was fun for me. Running on the treadmill? No thanks. Lifting weights til I was blue in the face? I'll pass.

I've always been a little envious of runners. You always hear about the "runners high", you don't have to pay for a gym membership, and you get to just be outside in the elements, listening to music that inspires and motivates you.

When I moved to LA, something (I'm still not sure what) possessed me to try a spin class. (0 to 60, right?) There was a SoulCycle down the street from my apartment, so I figured, why not? I walked out of that class so sweaty and so high. I craved those classes.
So I totally get it. And I really do want to call myself a runner. I'd love to be able to wake up early, put in my headphones, and just walk out the door to fresh air, my music, and my thoughts.

Lucky for me the Brooks Running office is located right here in Seattle. I recently had the pleasure of checking out their new headquarters in Fremont, where they have arguably the best view in the city of Lake Union, (you can see it on my Instagram if you didn't already), and the best group of people dedicated to making clothes and shoes for runners. 
To jumpstart my new life as a runner, I ran on their treadmill for a few seconds where they video-ed my feet and where they land, and from there, they fit me in the perfect shoe for my running style and shape/angle of my foot. It's quite a science I had no idea about. I then picked out a new pair of pants and a matching top, 'cause lets face it, everything is more fun in new clothes, and it was hard not to get carried away and get one of everything.

After listening to the people at Brooks talk so passionately about the company and their lives as runners, I can honestly say I'm genuinely excited to get into it. And a new outfit with a new pair of shoes that fit my feet perfectly doesn't hurt.

Women's Streaker Tight (sold out - similar ones HERE $90) // Women's Pick Up Tank ($42) // Women's Ravenna 6 Shoes ($110)

Photos by Alyssa Wilcox
Hair/Makeup by Sorrida Salon