Essensuals London - Seattle

A complete experience.

What do you look for when you're searching for a new salon/hairdresser? A clean space? New best friends? Experienced professionals? Beverages of your choice? Essensuals London Salon on Capitol Hill in Seattle has all of these things.

Brothers Jason and Robert Townsend moved to the Seattle area last summer from LA and opened a place where people can come and feel fabulous while feeling like family.
I'd like to say I'm not picky about my hair, and while that isn't untrue, I don't always leave the salon absolutely loving what's just been done. Part of that is because I don't usually give much direction when I'm sitting in the chair. I do know what I want, but I'm not the professional, and I usually give most of the artistic liberty to the stylist. This was maybe the first experience where it was the perfect combination of what I said I wanted and what Robert and Jason knew was best.

Color by Robert, Cut by Jason. Each of them asking all the right questions, paying such close attention to detail. When you're sitting in each of their chairs, you feel like you're the only one in the salon, and it's so apparent that they care so much about what they do and how their clients feel. 

The blonde I had in my hair was a little too copper for my taste and Robert put together the perfect combination of cool and warm tones for summer. And since going short a few months ago, I've played around with a few different cuts, and Jason took what I already had and loved and made it work even better. He cleaned up some of my layers, and talked me through the whole process of what he was doing, and why certain things that I'd been doing before weren't the best. Robert and Jason are all about educating - their clients and their employees. I'm confident I could walk in on any day and have any one of their stylists do my hair and I'd be happy with it.

Follow Jason and Robert, as well as Essensuals on Instagram. But most importantly, go see them in person! I can't recommend these guys enough.

Photos courtesy of Essensuals London Seattle.

1156 11th Ave
Seattle, WA 98122
(206) 701-6999