"Every man for himself." I don't know why this is replaying in my head, or where I even saw/heard it last, but not that long ago I made a note of it in my phone. And I also noted that I'd like to be comfortable if I was in a situation and someone said this to me and walked away. (I'm picturing a drill sergeant. Why a drill sergeant is yelling at me in my head, I have no idea).

I tend to strive to be alone. Not "be" alone, but to be comfortable being by myself in any situation. For whatever reason, I don't like feeling like I can't do something by myself. (Go out to eat, go to an event, travel, live). Hell, I moved to a huge city alone just to see if I could do it by myself. Maybe I like torture? I'm not sure. (I don't like torture).

Maybe I need to let this go. We have people in our lives for a reason, right? Maybe I just want to know that when it all comes down to it, I don't need to rely on anyone else. How much should we rely on other people? If someone lets us down, is that on us or them? Thoughts.


If you're from Seattle, or have even visited, chances are pretty good you've been to the Ballard locks. Well, today I went for the first time. The best part, the fish ladder, wasn't even open today, but I did get to go see the water and there were even some blossoms left on the cherry trees. And I got to hang out with my beautiful sister, which I'm lucky enough to do quite often.

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