The Last Best Place

I kind of want to live everywhere. I miss every place that I have been, and every new place I go, my family makes fun of me because I say "I could live here." But it's sort of true. I love to travel, but just traveling to a place feels like I'm selling it a little short because I don't really get to authentically experience what it's like. For me, I haven't really seen a place's true colors until I've been to the grocery store, or done my laundry. But I guess it's just not really realistic to live everywhere, now is it?

I think we all have a "happy place", and if you ask most people, it probably isn't where they live, or a place they even go very often. Why is that?

Maybe because really immersing ourselves in those places and building a life would take the romanticism out of it. Real life can be quite the buzz kill. What if they don't live up to our expectations? Then what would we dream about?