New Balance

I've noticed a shift. When I turn on the TV, when I read magazines, when I scroll through the articles that pop up on Facebook...not everyone is stick thin. We still have a long ways to go, but we are slowly re-defining what it means to be "healthy", and as women, we're being allowed, and allowing ourselves to create our own vision of what we want to look like. 

There is a new balance out there that is slowly, but surely, leveling itself out, and creating a safer space in the world for people to be comfortable with themselves. Does that mean I think I'm perfect? Absolutely not. Am I going to the gym every day for my mental and physical health? Yep. It's vital. Is that kale salad always going to be healthier than the burger and fries? Yes. But I'm not as stressed out about bikini season this year, and that's not because I haven't been eating all the fries. Let's keep this going.

I haven't taken these shoes off since I bought them. Pro tip: cute shoes make working out and getting healthy way more fun.