Help over the Hump

The weather this week has been so beautiful in Seattle (sorry east coast). The light is starting to look a little warmer, and it feels like spring is coming! But regardless of the weather, there are still 5 days in a work week. So here's a little inspiration to get you over the hump.

  • I have a thing for tennis shoes lately. Maybe 'cause the ultimate luxury would be able to just wear yoga pants and tennis shoes on a daily basis. Currently dreaming of these, these, and these.
  • I'm trying really hard to not only eat "healthier," but "cleaner." There are a few things I'm not willing to budge on (coffee in the morning, wine on Fridays), but for everything else, this grocery list is a good guideline to follow.
  • I was re-inspired by Pinterest this week. I go through phases with it, and I'm currently in a "wake up, make coffee, bring coffee back to bed, sit on Pinterest for 30 minutes before I get up" phase. 
  • Aerial Yoga. A friend of mine has become obsessed with aerial yoga in LA. I didn't think we had it in Seattle, but then I found Levitas. I'm not the most flexible, and I'm not sure about acrobatics, but hey, why not?
  • I recently discovered Warby Parker. You can choose 5 pairs of glasses that they will send you for free to try on at home, so that you can see which ones look the best on your face. And while I don't actually need glasses, is it weird that I want to get a pair of these without a prescription? Do people do that? 
  • Textiles textiles textiles. I think one of the signs you're growing up is that you get excited about stuff you can put on your wall. Melinda Wood Designs on Etsy has started making wall hangings, and I love them. Particularly this one.
  • Mind Body Green gets double love today. They really have an endless amount of articles on how you can better yourself from what to buy at the grocery store to finding your life's purpose. This one about finding the courage to do what you love really resonated.