Sharp Projectiles

I just spent most of the evening editing photos and writing a blog post on creating inspiration.
It took me 30 minutes to get my pictures to transfer from my camera to my desktop computer instead of my laptop. Does anyone understand the cloud? I don't think anyone understands the cloud. I finally got it to work, and I picked the pictures I wanted to use, and edited them to my liking. I drew out the layout and wrote out what I wanted to say (which in and of itself took about two hours - admittedly all the while watching The Big Bang Theory). I added all the pictures in all the right page breaks... and here's where things started to go wrong.

I first realized that instead of adding one of the pictures on top of the second paragraph, I had somehow replaced the second paragraph. I don't think any two second paragraphs have ever been written the same, so I was going to try to regurgitate what I had written in the first place, but would probably have to accept that it was just going to be a whole new paragraph. Then I realized that all the pictures I added were the originals, and not the edited versions. I decided I needed a break from the computer screen, so I got up to make some tea. Of course I wanted to save my progress, so I hit "Save", and when it asked me if I was sure I wanted to save it or if I wanted to discard it, what do I do? I discard it, naturally.

Knowing that picking my computer up and throwing it out the window would be a bad idea for a few reasons, I covered my face with my hair, took a few deep breaths, and went and made that tea that was so important 3 minutes ago.

My point is, I wanted to talk about inspiration. About being it, about finding it, about creating it. I struggled with how to say that, what photos to use, and how much to divulge about my own struggles with inspiration on a daily basis. When it was all said and done, the inspiration I was forcing, because I thought it would be what you would want to hear, blew up in my face. And here we are, with this blog post. Sometimes you just have to give in. Let it explode, and stay out of the way of projectiles, but let them fall where they may.