Gift Guide: First Edition

I realize my gift guide is cutting it a little close, but it's ok 'cause you know you're not done shopping yet. WE STILL HAVE TIME!

This year I'm focusing on local business. I love my city and it's growing up so fast. (I'm now one of those people who gets all huffy and puffy about new apartment buildings on the block that used to have "so much Seattle history"). I think shopping small is important. And we have some kick ass women in business in this town. (Happy accident that my choices are all run by fierce females).


1. Silver + Salt: Handmade Jewelry
Described on their website as "simple and classic", it's like it was made for me. Simple metals and understated stones, Christine Heidel makes jewelry that is perfect for every day, but will also make you feel special. Get something for your sister, best friend, girlfriend or if you're anything like me, treat yourself!
DISCOUNT: Get 20% off through December 31st using code HOLIDAY. Use FREESHIP for free shipping. AND if you sign up for the newsletter, you'll receive 15% off a separate order. There is really no reason not to buy things.

2. Stitches and Stones
Almost nothing makes my heart happier than seeing people I love find something they love and going for it. I've known miss Stephanie Huling since 6th grade (I don't want to do that math right now, but that was a long time ago), and it's so fun to see her take her passion project and turn it into something everyone can enjoy. She has some already made beauties you can buy, or you can ask her to make pretty much whatever you want (Steph, I apologize in advance for any crazy requests may get). Quality, handmade, old friend. Doesn't get much better. 

3. Juniper Natural Nail Bar
One of my favorite things to do is gift people experiences rather than things. Juniper Natural Nail Bar in West Seattle is a small but mighty all-natural nail salon. With a coveted California Ave address, it boasts clean lines, with chairs and wall-hangings you'll want in your living room. And one of the best parts is everything they use is all-natural. From the non-acetone nail polish remover to the hand-made sugar scrub, you'll want to take everything home. They offer gift certificates, or maybe after a long day of shopping you're the one who needs the pedicure.

4. JJ Caprices: gifts from around the world
One of the best things about travel is the unique things we find on our journey that remind us of our experience and are one of a kind. Jen, the "JJ" in JJ Caprices, has taken that ritual and created a business so she can share the world with everyone. From all kinds of jewelry to scarves to home decor, she has trekked to over a dozen countries, including France, Italy, Spain, Bolivia, and so many more. Throughout her website you can find where each piece is from, as well as a few stories about how she came upon some of them. This is a must-stop for the wanderlusting soul.

Short and sweet, those are my picks this year. Sure it's easy to run out and get the Apple watch, but it's more fun to see the look on your loved ones' face when they know you spent time choosing a gift just for them. And it doesn't hurt to support small, women-run businesses in the process.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy Shopping!