These tights from Wolford are called the “Image” tights. I’ve been thinking a lot about social media and the image we all put out there of ourselves, and that some people are upset that it isn’t a real portrayal of any of our lives. I won’t go on a big, long rant about it. But I like social media. Social media is the reason I get to do this. Do I think I spend too much time in front of a screen on a daily basis? Yes. Do I sort of hate that the first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is check Facebook and then Instagram, before I even get up and make coffee? Yes.

BUT I’m very aware that no one is making me do any of that. If I want to change the way I use my technology, then I can change it. No one is forcing me to behave this way, and I’m frankly not willing to sleep with my phone in another room just yet. I’m also very aware that YOU’RE very aware that any nonchalant pose up against a brick wall is not nonchalant at all. And that’s ok. You will never see what I actually wake up like because it’s not a pretty picture. And don’t we want to see pretty pictures? And since when were pretty pictures so attacked for being fabricated to a certain degree?

I completely understand the frustration centered around the way we share our lives, particularly on Instagram, because it isn’t “real” life. But, and I can only speak for myself, I won’t claim that it is. I want to share my ideas with you, which are 100% real, and 100% mine. And I want to share my life through images that incidentally might be a little staged.

Disclaimer: I never wake up like this. If I want to take a picture of myself, I might take 50, in different light, at different angles, and that’s just the way that it is. I use no less than 3 apps to edit photos before I put them on Instagram. And of course I use a professional (amazing) photographer to capture me casually walking through Seattle alleyways.

Follow along my on my adventure. We're all just stumbling around in the dark trying to figure it out anyway. Don't take yourself so seriously. Have a little fun.

These tights are perfect for the icing on the cake for your New Year's Eve outfit if you're looking for that detail to kick it up a notch! Part Cruella deVille, part fabulous. 

Wolford 'Image' Tights [$65] // Mango Tie-Neck Blouse [$60] // Steve Madden suede pumps [$100 - similar pair here]

Thanks to Wolford for partnering on this post!

Photos by Alyssa Wilcox