Chocolate and Fashion

Last month I attended the Posh Party Trend Show as part of Fashion Week in Bellevue with jcoco chocolate and Hyatt Regency Bellevue, and it was such a treat (no pun intended). It was so fun going to all the fashion events throughout the month of September, and this was definitely a highlight. 

jcoco chocolate was started by the owner of Seattle Chocolates, who, if you're local, you know very well. I don't think there's a stocking in Washington come Christmas that doesn't have some Seattle chocolate in it. But Jean Thompson (the 'j' in 'jcoco') wanted to do a little more. Calling it "American Couture Chocolate", Jean and her team of chocolate wizards take inspiration, as well as the actual chocolate, from all over the globe; from dark Belgian chocolate to a creamy milk chocolate from a tiny island in the South Pacific. They then add flavors that are not out of the average person's wheelhouse, but are combined in a way you would never think of. I'll be totally honest and say that I've never had much of a sweet tooth, and the chocolate I took home from the tasting did not last very long. My favorites were the black fig and pistachio in dark chocolate and agave quinoa sesame in milk chocolate. But really, there is not even a mediocre one in the bunch. 

The other great thing about jcoco is that they give back. For every jcoco product you purchase, they give a meal to someone who otherwise wouldn't have one. They have a few partners throughout the country, and are hoping to continue to expand their reach.

The spread. 

The spread. 

The chocolate tasting was the most fun part of the evening, with different wines, cocktails, and even milk, put together from another local Seattle establishment. It was fun to see how different drinks brought out different personalities in the chocolate.
jcoco has their first ever storefront as a pop-up shop in the Bellevue Collection. And to keep things interesting, during their 7-month stay, the shop will take on 3 different personalities, with different color palettes and events surrounding the theme.

I wanted to stay and eat chocolate and drink wine forever, but later that evening we attended the trend show! This show showcased the season's hottest trends from The Bellevue Collection fall lookbook, from glam rock, to grey scale, to the 70's. Super fun to see everything that's in right now. And 100% of the ticket sales from the trend show went to Bellevue Lifespring, a local nonprofit organization. 


After the show and all the chocolate (and wine), I got to curl up in the complete comfort of the Hyatt, right in downtown Bellevue (just about 8 miles outside of Seattle, and coincidentally my old stomping grounds). In my experience, just because a hotel is beautiful and the room is welcoming, doesn't mean it's comfortable. The Hyatt Regency Bellevue is the whole package. Gorgeous room with a beautiful view of Bellevue (thankfully we had good weather), one of the most comfortable beds, AND a great bathrobe, which is harder to come by than you might think.

And don't even get me started on breakfast the next morning. The Hyatt is home to one of Bellevue's hidden gems, Eques. The first thing I noticed when we walked in was the Bloody Mary bar, which was all I needed to be sold on the place. For food they had a buffet, but we decided to order off the menu, where I got the chicken apple sausage omelette, and they surprised us with banana nutella-stuffed french toast. Like, what? Unreal.

After all the amazing food (and drink), we may or may not have gone back up to the room to soak up the last couple hours of luxurious comfort. 

Thanks to jcoco chocolate and Hyatt Regency Bellevue for partnering on this post. I had so much fun!